between the icecaps of the North Pole,
and the STATES of America,
there's a country in the middle,
that is known as Canada.
where the natives all are happy,
and the lakes are fresh and clean,
there is no unemployment,
and no one is mean,
in the summer there's no mosquitoes,
and the winters are never cold,
there is no clear cut logging,
and no o-zone hole.
oh Canada your leaders are so swell,
in Canada no one ever goes to hell,

no criminals or taxes,
and Visa never phones,
Elvis is alive in Moose Jaw,
but we leave him alone,
cuz we're in Canada,
whose army is so strong,
in Canada,
no one has to mow their lawn,
no waiting for the buses,
no standing in a line,
the banks are all non-profit,
and the dollar flows at 99.9,
(that's American you know)
so shout Canada,
the courts are always fair,
shout Canada,
where mechanics never ever swear,

the rednecks and the hippies live in perfect harmony,
growing wheat and marijuana together hydroponically,
nobody has pimples and the sky's are all so clear,
and when Jesus Christ comes back to earth,
I know he'll be born here,
the phone lines are never busy,
and you're never put on hold,
Canada's the country carved entirely from gold,

oh in Canada,
everyone says please,
in Canada,
no one ever cuts the cheese,
oh Canada,
oh Canada,
the country of love is the country for me,
starts with a 'C'

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