Dead is better better than this
I long to feel maggots gnaw at my eyes
I long to be free of all of my lies.
I want you to scrape my brains off the wall
I want you to pull the knife from my chest
I want you to be there when I'm dying
I want the last thing I see to be you crying
I'm returning to nothing.
Smell the tears quivering from
My lips of pain as I live the hurt
Pain fires up my spine with unrelentless force
As the uncaring emotions tear into me
Dismissing lies as truth I lay with unconscious eyes
Blackened in fear, you took what I had, Inside.
I want you to pull the pills from my throat
I want you to push me from the ledge
I want you to untie the noose from my neck
I want you to pull the razor from my wrist
I want you to be there to feel my last breath
I want you to know
I'll find paradise in death.
I'm returning to nothing...nothing.

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