Once I felt something, something more than despair
Once this life meant something, but no longer do I care
Everything I felt was so long ago, everything I was has faded
Once I yearned to again see your face
All I see now is shades of grey
Once all I wanted was to feel your embrace
All I want now is to drift away.
Everything I was has turned to dust
Everything I am is decayed.
The gashed eyes, torn lies you fed me
You stain the truth. With deceit you left me no strength to feel.
Once I tried to make you love me I gave up, it wasted my time
Once I shed my tears on your beauty
I gave in to emotions and it corrupted my mind
Everything I thought was wrong, everything I loved is gone
Once I tried to believe, forced to kneel, forced to bleed
Once was so long ago, so long ago I felt the need
To feel the steel cut deep, to long for that eternal sleep.
Hallowed out and thrown away
Don't care to see another day
Happiness and stability disappear fast
Emotions finally die at last
Tired of living, tired of deceiving, tired of caring, tired of grieving
I have no strength to lie or the strength to cry
I've got the strength to pick up the steel, but not the strength to feel.

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