I feel the hysteria breaking
My mind is altercating
I try to rediscover
That there is no other

But something interferes
My past and all of those years
Why do I slip back into
How it was before?

Going further down below
This spiral, twisting
Inside of me

Please come and take me from these lies
The past and all that I despise
Come rescue me

With these feelings that we share
The hopes and dreams, I cannot bear
You're all I need

(Subduing cries, beyond demise.
Can you believe? Why is it me?
Confined and bound, forced to the ground.
Facing fears, without a tear.
It's complicating, but you're facilitating
The forward progression, of my soul.)

Given the situation
It's a revelation
That you can be so patient here
To wait until it subsides
Until I heal all the lies
For you to see, see what's beneath

The voices whispering through my head
The nights I always seem to dread
With each cross I've chosen to bear
The choice is clear

I know you're not to blame
And I am so ashamed
It seems my forward progression is near

It seems to change perspective now
It seems so different now

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