I know and I see. I taste, what you breathe.
I cannot explain this. I feel like something takes me higher…

Do you have substance?
Do you know fear?
Have you looked inside yourself?
So deep you saw things clear?

Will you? Oh, can you?
Step outside the bounds.
Force new thought and reason
Challenge your mind with altered grounds.

I know and I see
So clear, inside your pain
Because I've looked inward,
Immersed so deep, I can't explain.

Are you ready to accept all life's demands?
Will you go beyond?
Push further, by command.

Have you looked inside yourself?

The truth lies inside of your eyes.
Don't misbelieve what I say.
It's within you, but deep inside.
Why, oh why do you run away?

Analyze all that you've found.
Accept nothing at appearance
Search deep within yourself
I'll be your perseverance.

Trust who?
Trust you
Trust me
Look deep
Look long
Look back
Go forth
Move beyond
Be strong
Don't be left behind
Don't fall
Don't give up
Look inside

Inside for truth, Inside my eyes
You'll see you're changing all the things you've defied…


Immerse yourself inside…

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