The awful silence trembles through my veins
And all I see is the light
The crowded sirens arming the ones who roll the pain
Well I am not in their sight

After the storm
We'll find the ones that walk away
We'll find the ones that die or stay
After it all
Though we can live without the fear, we'll find a way to disappear
After the storm

Dreadful eyes and dreaming of a better way
To tell you you're all I have left
Conspiring thoughts have lead me to the end
This is all that I have left

And I can's stand the sight of
Your smile, been left inside of
We'll find the ones who ran away
We'll find the ones whose life was saved


After the storm
The flushing lies will drive away
Taking us to a better place
And when the storm rains
We'll find the ones to take our place

After we're gone

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