I see you from the corner of my eye
Looking for the path of new beginnings
I hear you and your sacred alibis
Trying hard to justify your winnings

Can't turn back -
No, you can't deny
Run to fast
You must glorify

Gave his life 'cause it had to be
Shed his blood for you and me
If that ain't love, then I don't know what love is
Heart to heart
Soul to soul
Through his pain
I am made whole
I said if that ain't love
I don't know what love is

I know you 'cause I've
Heard it all before
The same ol' story
Just a different ending
I love you even
When you turn away
You say you're true,
But I know that
You're pretending

Can't give up
You can't give up the fight
Can't give in
Can't give in when you know you're right.

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