You put is all on welfare and try to keep us tame
The food stamps we get so we don't question the system
Spread diseases on us and blame it on the gays
The government is out with their fucking tricks again

Conspiracy Theory!
For all the world to know
Devide and Conquer!
What a fucked up world

You try to make headlines of foreign affairs
While back at home, no one seems to be fair
You think we're stupid, you control the news
It takes no fucking wizzard to understand your fucking tools
Just read behind the headlines, all governments are the same
They've got us fighting with each other with their lies and
fuckng wars

Meanwhile back in your scene
In a small scale affair
Lables and bands propaganda to take money from the youth
Fanzine fucking writers who divide the fucking scene
Create divisions and hate to feed their fucking self esteem

You see it on the net over and over again
False phrophets writing lies to destroy what punx create
By the fucking idiots tht feel like kings for a day
Dividing, conquiring, it goes on everywhere
Dividing, conquiring in this world we live in

Conspiracy theory for the world to know
Divide and conquire!

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