I don't wanna talk
I just wanna fuck
We can do it all night
We can do a lot
But youre the one I want
We can do it all night long

I met you in high school
Your friends used to come around
Laughing asking if I liked you
We started kicking it fast
To get a tax in class
Already thinking if asking I could wife you
I guess that's what happens when you act before you think
Almost past up everything we had and to think
Come to find where we came we must have had an angel
Its shitty but I had my baby with me and I'm thankful
The city is gritty people stare like they hate you
It makes you weak they keep trying to break you
And when they fall apart I need you to be there
I don't wanna talk or rather think about it again
I wanna hold you in my arms no I hold you in my heart
I'm not much for words I told you from the start
But when its gold and done I'mma keep you warm
Cause youre the one that keeps my going

The right girl I'm not gonna act like I'm fly
I'm not gonna act like I fight I'm a little guy
I don't got much to impress you with
Cept I'm raw as they come and I'll test your wit
Shh don't move your lips move your hips
Relax exhale as I move my dick
And you might feel a prick up on your side
But that's just me trying to get inside
And I confide in you and you confide in me
Let your inabitions free
Then I wake up from my dream
Woah had you on my mind for a long time
Can't get you out of my head, giving me head
So whats a man to do, except confront his love and tell you what I plan to do
Yes I'm gonna win you over, I got the four leaf clover
My task is to smash like the game is red rover

Off the bat save the chit chat for after
Its been al ong day and I can't wait to catch you
Cause I'm really feeling you and all that sexual appealing you
So we moving, moving, laying you down
Now we grooving, grooving, I bet you like that huh
Front to the back, can I hit it from the back ma
It's a wrap, cataracs, this slaps bra

Nothing to tell when I met you dawg
Yo uwer not the kind to get involved with any joe blow trying to get in your drawers
Even though you know he was there sexy n all that
I'm just trying to give a word and I heard your man got camel
God damnit that's perfect
Cause you been missing intimacy and I been missing it too
But if you give it to me, I'm a give it to you

All night
All night long
We can do it all night
We can do it all night long

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