Why do you keep looking out the window?
Is there something left behind or never found?
Mmm do i even want to move?
How, if you knew what i was thinking
I wonder if they even dry a tear
Oh, there's just one way to find out

Go, go, go

Did sirens steal your heart when you were looking?
Where'd you learn to lie the way you do?
Look's like you made up your mind.
I'd have to say i didn't see this coming
But who does?
You won't want to see me standing in the door

So go, go, go

I don't want to hurt you
Do you ever listen?
I don't want to run.
You're not the only one
I don't want to touch you
Eternally i'm broken
Who but we become
Who but we become
How do you care?
They need you
I don't want to

Go, go, grow

I don't want to go
I don't want to stay
I don't want to stay
I don't want to go

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