If I wrote you a symphony
Just to say how much you mean to me
What would you do

If I told you you were beautiful
Would you page me on the regular
tell me would you

Well baby I've been around the world
But I aint seen myself another girl
like you

This ring here represents my heart
But there is just one thing I need from you
saying I do

Because, I can see us holding hands
walking on the beach our toes in the sand
I can see us in the country side
sitting in the grass laying side by side
You can be my baby
Gonna make you my lady
Girl you amaze me
Ain't gotta do nothin crazy
See all I want you to do is be my love
My love
My love
And I know no woman that could take your spot
My love
My love
My love
My love

Now If I wrote you a love note
And make you smile with every word I wrote
what would you do

Would that make you wanna change your scene
And wanna be the one in my scene
tell me would you

See what's the point in waiting anymore
Cause girl I've never been more sure
that baby it's you

This ring here represents my heart
And everything that you been waiting for
Just saying I do

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