I know its not really fair but I've gotta be selfish in this thing
And you do too cause its all for us in the long run
And the stupid thing is I don't know what I want
I don't even know what I'm trying to achieve
I'm hurting both of us for some greater good

But what do I know I'd rather leave it up to fate
Cause my head's making choices that my heart just cannot take
But there was something inside I could feel it in my soul
And it grows...

Been walking round in a daze making rash decisions at ease
I'm scaring myself because I'm afraid I'll change my mind again
And the stupid thing is I know I'm worse without you
I know that I'll be tired and alone but I've gotta find out on my own
So I did what I thought was right yeah I did what I thought was right

Chorus x2

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