My girls best friend she told me,
She said "All your loves in vain"
Said "That girls gonna leave you"
So I sing this love refrain
"That girl shes gonna walk out that door
So you better treat her right"
So im treating her right

I ran back home to tell her
That I still ached for her touch
A man don't wanna believe none
That he hurt this woman oh so much

The note sat there by the front door
It said "I left tonight"
But I treated her right

Broke down on the doorstep
Tear come to my eye
Should of believed that woman
She could tell no lie

Knock on the door next evening
A shadow, a familiar outline
Girl come up and smile and me
And I know Im gonna feel fine

My futures looking bright and rosy
My girls best friend puts her hand in mine
Now im feeling alright

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