Do you know the story of poverty and suffering?
Do you know the story of shame and loneliness?

A cold winter and a cold heart that stole the life
Of an old man
No pity and an ice cold room now he was left alone

In loneliness
He met his doom

Ignorance we feel it
To break out of this game
Blow for blow we fight back
Shout it out we are men

'Subhuman creatures' got to die for industry and
Just to make Mrs. Rich smell nice
Watch the many beggars roaming streets and doorways
Just a piece of bread, just a coin and for them a
Comes true

It's a shame to have money and ignore the need
Closing your eyes makes your mind turn greedy

Want and need are the same for us all
Black or white, rich or poor

Can you sleep quietly when you hear the cries of
Can you live your life without fear?

Look at those wankers they don't care what's going on
People, people like that just think of number one

We're not able to cry
We suppress the truth

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