[The Game: Chorus]
I got big money I drive big cars,
everybody know me,
it's like I'm a movie star,
everybody know me,
it's like I'm a movie star,
everybody know me,
it's like I'm a movie star,

[Verse 1]
I got big money, everybody know,
brand new rose phantom, put those sixes on the floor,
when I pull up in the hood, n-ggas say there go the man,
I put them Asanti's and Nelly's on them rubberbands,
California license plates,
Aftermath logo,
back with the Doc after a 5 year solo,
woke up in the club 10 bottles of the bub,
tell them hoes, Im buying what they drinking,
just pour it up, all my n-ggas is banging
what you claim just throw it up,
if you aint getting money like i'm getting go get a cup,
if you aint getting p-ssy like Im getting,
take one of mine,
you know Im in this b-tch with 20 dollars worth of dimes,


[Verse 2]
Yeah, Im from Compton, everybody know,
I aint riding on LeBron's thats 2004,
I aint riding on Kobe's thats 2005,
if it aint February's on the truck it aint right,
dont ask what Im sitting on, mills on the rims,
Lamborghini top unless I call it Lil Kim,
Walking through the club with a pocket full of change,
iceberg on my chest no man on my ring,
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
I aint talking bout Jeezy, talking bout them gemstones,
medallion so big think Im walking with my rims on,
tell the DJ we got a line outside,
you can play it after Gucci and Dre just let it ride,


[Verse 3]
Girl lets make a movie, hop inside my car,
I be Denzel and you can be just who you are,
aint worried bout ya man,
leave that n-gga at the bar,
got some tint on my Ferrari,
this movie is rated R,
ya girlfriends is extra's,
baby you a star,
and its time to burn rubber no stuntman involved,
doing a 100 on the highway, pulling on my gear shift,
your girl got her hand on my cock but I ain't Will Smith,
baby I'm a baller, inside outside,
Cool N Dre track and this muthf-cker bounce right,
yeah it's aftermath and we back in the club,
while you wait for Detox let this muthaf-cker sulk.


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