Me and tune just got two twin ferraris
(Like fuck ceilings)
Two ounces in my double cup
(This shit gon' kill me)
Fuck your feelings, fuck your feelings
Nigga fuck your feelings

Yo, bitch, I signed my section point
I'm with them niggas (yeah)
Is that drizzy bitch? (yeah)
I'm with nicki like (yeah)
And these bitches be tellin' they niggas I'm crazy
Don't fuck with that nigga, he went at jay-z
Then he went at curtis, now he patrick swayze

Every night I got your bitch in my section
I do it at liv and I do it at toxic
Do it at supper, I do it at dream
No we ain't at houston, but I got that rocket, go!
And I'm feelin' nice, somebody mixed my pills right
And I'm gettin' all this money, and its fucked up trinidad lost his deal right
No ceilings! Got the drophead for my children
Dr. Dre just made a billion!
And he sent me to tell all you niggas man

Any bitch that I'm with, she just hop
In the whip and she get an upgrade
Pimpin' is pimpin', I make a commission, make that pussy pay
My dick like a chopper, I load it then cock it then bust on your face
We know that you pussy my nigga, we know you ain't catchin' no fades
Bulletproof windows is tinted, my nigga, while all your shit rented
You should rent it from me, cause I crash as soon as I spin it

House party bring all the bitches
Don't bump the dj my nigga
You really care 'bout this bitch
My dick all up in your feelings
Started with documents
Reincarnated pac and big
How do you think I got your bitch?
I am 2pacalypse

Got more winners than popovich
Yeah my bitch will pop a bitch
Pull up like skrr
Now your bitch out her skirt
I made her twerk
Now she selling my work
Started with hannah montana hoes
Now I'm fuckin' all of nick cannon hoes
I made her go down down baby

But I don't speak no country grammar though
I got the antidote
I know some fruit town niggas that'll bust your head like cantaloupe
You pull out your camera my cannon blow
2014 Hannibal
Lil nigga
I fuck yo bitches, fuck yo bitches
Fuck yo niggas, nigga, fuck yo niggas
Soo woo!

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