I was forced to be a gang banger
On the cover of the source with my chain
Hanging, and that was '05
Still fuck benzino, riding through the city in them twin benz
Stepping on c-notes, rollin red dice like casinos
Throwing shots like free-throws
Tell judas I'm alive and well
Will I be crucified only time can tell

Well till then I'm thugging
Spend my money on whatever
Running through this cheddar
As long as my crew together
Pop ace, pop tags, pop hammers
"Thug life" I put that on pac's bandana
Los angeles king, tell my niggas
In the I blacked out the card
And minimized the bling
Updated the ghost with nas on the way

Gangster living
The playas had the the dough
So the girls brought the freaks
Every single night we did it again
We had a good time, we had a good time
In the city

I was forced to be a farce
Diamonds in my cross
The cost for me to floss
Got me exhausted

Got me wide awake, just make sure
That my wallets caked while away
Got banana clips in the big apple homie "su cartel"
Eh game what it look like
I got the shorty and I'm playing
With her chest in the corner look like a rug rat
The city that never sleeps
Now we ain't talking bout money you never spitting
We generated revenue
Old heads put me on
The things that we never knew

Word to my moms there it's hard
To be a giant just ask tom brady
This why they pay me when
They ask who the best
Right now they say me, fred in the game

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