After the airship crashed
After we lost the compass
After the radio went dead

We shot and ate the horses
We marched through deadly swamps
Inside a limestone cave
I found a human skull
Yes, Mary, I found a human skull

The captain caught a fever
We tied him to a tree
We stared into the fire
And tried not to hear his screams

I killed a tiny antelope
Not scared by my approach
We turned it over dying flames
Ass we huddled in the gloam
Yes, Mary, we huddled in the gloam

We built a raft from skin and bones
Only five could safely float
The others stood upon the shore
They screamed and threw sharp stones
Yes, Mary, they threw the sharpest stones

But how the sea did spin us
How the waves did roar
The captain jumped into the storm
Then we were but four

One by one we chose our straws
Till only I remained
But Mary you are with me now
All around me in the waves
Yes, Mary, you are in the waves

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