Cool down (cool down) (x4)

Cool down Joe, there's no need to rob me,
It's not really worth it you won't make a pretty penny,
Calm down, you can't take my life,
Your knife won't cut you the best slice of the pie

Your life has been a misery but give a little mercy,
It's no excuse, to do another move

Cool down (cool down) (x2)

Cool down Joe, no don't bother me,
Why'd you want my phone, why'd you want my money,
Calm down, what you trying to brew,
All you prove to me is that you're going to lose

You say you're so unlucky and you lost all your money,
It's only you to blame, for choosing this game

You can change your wicked ways, your dignity, you're safe

Cool down Joe, your baby is at home,
If you end up doing time will she spend her time alone,
Cool down, there must be something better,
The jobs are in the paper, go ahead and write a letter

It's a line, you can work if you put your heart to it,
Don't sell yourself shut, you know you can do it now

Cool down,
Cool down (cool down)

You can shoot, you can stab, you can steal,
Until the very day you die,
But it's impossible to steal,
A better quality of life

Cool down
Cool down (cool down)
Cool down (cool down)
Cool down (cool down)

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