Hail the clown
and crash the car,
load the gun,
then carry on,
You saw it here,
then disappeared
right up the crack
and in again.
With cellophane
go cover up your eyes

Hurry now!
I love your mouth;
I love surgery
not just chemistry
Don't say you care
when I touch you there
it's your dresser now
that's calling out.
The glory in your eyes
is suicide

Your feeling for the cult
is in my eyes

Call out the cops
Mop up the blood
Up with the sheep
and down with the lambs,
for you
Sail on the sea
but give me the wheel
Your culture's too young
You're just not
the same as me

You give
and what you get
is one long silence,
and I love it
when you please me;
but that's so easy
when your feeling for the cult
is in my eyes

Barry Moore and Donna Day
are body bound - a heavy scene.
Lebanese and China doll;
a philly phile, inside of me
You'll peel and sever love
for evermore
But your feelings
for the cult
are in my mind
and in my eyes

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