There's a policeman in me,
A real animal,
I'm the angry young soldier ripping sofas in Belfast
I'm the thug on the street,
and I mug whom I meet
I'm so misunderstood and yes if I could there'd be a gun in my hand
if you don't understand,
I'll shoot you cold where you stood,
And they'll drop your blood

You'll never be stopped,
Be a policeman in England
And if you do just tell them who your father is,
and don't despair

They only hate you for what you wear
And if they beat you in the dark room remember that you're English
And there's someone who cares
Let's hope there's profit to share
With the churches around us
they can't crucify you cause it's
been done before

Imigrants training to be citizens
Let's hope they bury their past as they were burried as victims
Take this shovel now at you

Worship our Royalty
You're in England a soldier
A working man's pillar
Celebrate in our lies

Adore your children
You're a beggar, a vulture, a king
on a mountain
so don't be afraid

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