So our time so our time's wasting away
Who am I to say you should have stayed
I can't pretend can't pretend it doesn't hurt
I must admit I am the one that needs you most

And are you sleeping tonight
Or like me
Are you wrestling with your bedsheets
Thinking of where you'd rather be

I'm obsessed with the stars
How we're all under the same night sky
And I want to be where you are
I just can't get this thing through my head tonight...

So this night so this night comes to an end
Morning breaks but you are still missing
I can't believe can't believe that you are gone
I only hope that you're staring at the stars

That you're not here
That you're not here with me

I'm tossing tearing sheets
Wishing you were here with me
I'm wondering if you're staring at
The same stars that I'm staring at

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