Sitting in silence
Trying to fight this
Trying to make it last

And I don't understand how
Love can be so hard
Why does it hurt so bad

Close to the skin
Fragile and thin
Hold her
Hold her

Wait for me still
One day I will
Love her
Love her
Love her

So many things that
I want to tell you
But nothing is coming out right

Like you are my sunshine
And you are my rain

Clever mistakes
One day I'll break
Hold me
Hold me

Wait for me still
Tell me you will
Love me
Love me


Darling wait for me again

And she's building me up
And she's breaking me down
Too much to see what she's done to me
And she's oh such a thief
With my heart on a string
She said to me

Cause you are my sunshine and you are my rain...

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