While passing through the clouds of diamond dust
As two mock suns arise beside our one
The sundogs guide the way towards the east
And set behind the valley of calm trees

The destination
Unfamiliar sands
Amongst the ice fog
A DC-8 awaits
Our means of travel
To visionary worlds
Let us imagine

Down in the valley the calm trees are swaying in time (we cant avert our eyes)
Down in the valley the flowers are food for the mind (no sign of passing time)
Over the hills where the mountains are tumbling down (a place of natural wonder)
Visions are clear as we notice the three suns align

Upon arrival
The dust and deserts drone
And no resistance
Could keep us from all time
There is no notion
In visionary worlds
Let us imagine

Traveling over the valley we feel the breeze
Taking in everything that there is to be seen
The suns in the distance are moments away from the dream

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