I'm sorry, dear
But life has destroyed me
My heart, it's colder inside
And I can be no longer here for you

I have lost my strength
And my ability to feel
And I can not protect you anymore

I trust you will sorrow
I know you will hide for a time
But I believe you will find your way
So forget me now and become everything

And when you're special and change the world
Remember me and the day I said goodbye, my love
Remember when you smiled and became alive
For the first time, for the first time

I close my eyes and turn away
Not looking forward - Always look forward
Close your eyes as I disappear
Now I walk away from this world
A world that hates

In your sadness, remind
It's your simpleness that defines you
It's your dreaming that creates you
And it's your love that will save this world
As it hates and forgets me still

So when you change the world
Remember still to remember me
And the day I failed
And your rose, as it fell

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