Dont treat gently now
what you wont always
when you run away
Dont care now for the things
that will make you regret
Dont show me
pictures and memoirs
of what you expect me to be
All these things
if have to have them
why are you looking here

Close to me you fall asleep
Turned face to the door
Dreamed I could
take you back to the old
Why dont you
go back to yourself
Im sorry for you
go back to yourself

So long finally out of time
Could the world
satisfy your heart
Softly now listen to the firelight
Gently down
raise your head and go

Still run away safely behind
and gently inside these places
Secrets, like feelings,
Ill never know
Wrapped up inside the memory
of where you would rather be,
softly now, falling asleep,
gently down,
Laid gently down

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