Put that sparkle in your eye
Put a smile back on
your lovely face
Sunday dress and black shoes
polished to reflection
The image of a princess

you are ready now
to charm the world
Painted glass you are
and beautiful

In center stage you shine
for everyone to be impressed
And you say such things
the world looks up to you
In your sweet-girl daddy's pride and apple of
your mother's eye
You are exactly what
the world says you should be
And in your dressed-up
fool the world time
Paint your mask
to hide the black time
You cry hardest when you know
that it's not you
that you wear

Put your sweet girl on

lose yourself to
the world's demands
Where are you
in this masquerade?
Put your sweet girl on
painted glass you are
Are and beautiful

What do sweet girls say
when the world becomes a mirror of painted glass
and all those sweet girl things
What do sweet girls see
living in a world of pictures
painted as the sweet girl
hopes to be

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