she clouds in mystery
she flies on angel's wings
she with her magic eyes
takes me inside
and makes me see her
yes she's something special
something sweet deep inside
desperately she tries to hide
is she too afraid too alone
to let down her walls and let me inside
I can make you cry
all I want to do is love you
all I want from you is your smile
and a place in your heart that cries
when I cry

dancing, she's dancing
dancing her way into my heart
dancing, she's dancing
dancing her way
as if tonight would be her last
as if tonight were her last chance
she's dancing, she's dancing
dancing her way into my heart

she with her childlike eyes
a broken smile all through the night
she sings in ancient rhymes that sink inside me
and make me feel
she acts like nothing matters
she acts as if she's free
she says words but never answers
I read it in her eyes
she never tells me how, how she feels
but I know somehow
if I were to die tonight she'd be crying
in the morning


and as the curtain falls tonight
she'll dance like angels
and as the lights grow dim
I'll watch your heart sleeping beauty
close your eyes keep dancing into
where no one could ever touch you
so let your heart be still my love
will never escape you


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