My friend George hasn't slept for 5 years
Fatigue set in after three days
Then the tears dried up
And the muscles in his eyelids tore
The dreams collated and congealed at the back of his head
Then exploded into reality
His bed was fed up after 6 months
And folded away
And moved in with a family down the road
Soon day became night,
Became day,
Became night
And he wrote a 20,000 word thesus on sleep deprivation
10,000 really's
And 10,000 tired's
One after the other
Mimicking the sheep that jumped from one side of his brain to the other
He became in sync with the moving of the stars and the planets
And his heart would beat once at sunrise
And once as the sun set
And his blood courses round him like the tide
Rising and falling
He earns good money now as a statue impersonator
And can be seen slouched against many London monuments
He is a slouch sell-out
And he's well tired

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