We spent the night in a hobo town
Like a pair of runaways
We lit a fire and sang the songs
We learned from yesterday
Settled down and built a house
With our own sweatin' hands
What happened next I'll never know
Or never understand

Finished with my working day
And headed straight for home
I looked inside the bedroom door
And you were not alone

Well I hope you find a better way
To get through my front door
The roads you take don't let you see
I don't love you anymore
And if you find a broken heart
Somewhere along the way
Don't you dare pick it up
I'll mend itself someday

You thought my life was over now
Well honey you thought wrong
I found myself someone to love
Who'll love me all night long
All the things you left behind
I threw them all away
You never cared enough about
The things I had to say

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