It's one of those days
When trying to make a dollar's
got me wearing thin
And what I thought was right
Just turned out to be wrong again
You know it don't pay
To have a broken back from
carrying all those worries 'round
Honey I have found

I got you to make me love you
I got you to make me care
I got you right here beside me
When nothing else is there
It don't matter about the money
'Cause I got your lovin' honey
And I could lose it all today
But I got you

You know me well
Well enough to know if it's me
or only my foolish pride
That make me say the things to
you that only make you cry
And you can tell
When the time is right to hold
me tight or let me go
Darling I need you so

Repeat chorus

I wish there was a way
But words could never say
The love I feel today
'Cause I got you

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