When you finally fade
From those nights you spend
Doing God only knows with your new friends,
When you decide to come back you always can.

Our lives are separate roads,
We pick our separate ways
But the love I found reminds me every day
That I still believe in you,
I still have faith.
I have faith that you'll find your way
And realize your mistakes.

Cause I can't handle another night alone.

And so I'm trying to find words
To convince you to stay.
Trying to pick myself up but you're getting away.
I keep falling down,
The words won't come out,
My tounge twists in circles
Keeps them trapped in my mouth.

But I need the ocean or its sand,
Or the high that I felt when you first held my hand.
And honey I just can't feel right alone.

Is there hope for this?
Because it's you that I miss.
And I can't handle another night alone.

Please start the sounds and the story lines.
I'm falling apart so watch me as I unravel tonight
And swim through my changing life.

Cause I can't handle another long goodbye,
Another sleepless night.
This is my story line.

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