Don't you dare tell me I am the reason we are here,
I've spent enough sleepless nights in this bed,
To know this isn't just all in my head.
And don't you say that i'm ruining what we've made,
We know enough to know we're both to blame.
It's like your leaving, but you don't know the way.
So I say...

I can't believe myself,
I'm wishing to be anyone else.
And I'm feeling like all this hell,
Might shape something good in the end.

And I well I just can't find a reason why,
Why you intentionally say, "goodbye."
If this mess were up to me we'd see eye to eye.
But you get bored and run from the honest life,
Sometimes I swear you're making me loose my mind!
So I'll keep singing...

It was the look on your face when I called out your name,
It was the days waiting for you alone in the rain.
Take me back to the time when I wished you could stay,
Now were here at your front steps where I watch you fade away.

...Oh my god this town it feels like a headache,

...I thought you were a safe bet.

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