Youre corrugated steel baby
Platinum to feel lady,
Eyes are just two heavy stones,
Someone, spilt the glass,
And youre ageing much too fast,
And, you say that youve been left alone.
Youre leant against the night,
But you say you feel alright,
Only somebody has stolen your home.
The pearls around your neck
There at great expense were set,
But your tangled hair resists the comb,
No where to go now she has fallen,
No one to come see her,
For she was born to the screen,
And as she performed,
Their hearts really melted, ahh ...
Sure Ive seen your face before,
But yes then there was a war,
And depression left the world so flat,
Yes, you were super-huge baby,
Limousines you used,
But your memory it clouds after that.
You say whats this part of town,
And yes its a long way down,
And you swear you didnt know it existed.
Youre from high on the hill,
And the fact youre not there still,
I would surely have killed you ninth husband.
No where to go ...
Well could I spare the fare,
cause your cheque book isnt there,
Could I take you to where your hotel is.
Oh yes I told them who you were,
But they said they would prefer it,
If you would find another place to crash in,
I know the streets are very cold,
And the shallow walls dont hold,
The shelter and protection youre seeking.
And as I walk away,
You turn to me and say,
Youd rather I forget about our meeting.
No where to go now she has fallen

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