Its a sadness its a crime
Why I wasted so much time
All Ive got left is sea of blue
Holding on I cant let go
If I do the tears will flow.
All I could see is a sea of blue.

Shes the woman I need to love
Wearing her heart on my sleeve
Shes the woman I want you to see
cause theres blood on my hands when she leaves

Cries from the street its after dark
Leaves a silence thats so stark
Echoes in the night from a sea of blue

Sea of blue.

She turns me on like some radio set
Keeps me playing every night and day
Leaves me on the window sill, she just might forget
Some fool might creep up and just come and steal me away

Many days and endless nights
That shes filled my life with light
Now that shes gone its a sea of blue
Feeling down and I dont know why
That my blues should reach the sky.
All I got left is a sea of blue.

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