Easy rollin', ain't no need to hurry at all
It's just a special mornin' when I wake, yawnin'
And sun is shinin'
I feel like I've been dreamin' and freelance schemin'
On colored rainbows
Everything's fine as long as it's

Easy rollin', I never seem to worry no more, oh no
Don't have a care or worry; no need to hurry
For relaxation
Turnin' out all the hassles and buildin' castles
For my vacation
It's gonna be nice, and I'm just keepin' it

Easy rollin', no need to hurry at all
Believe it, you don't have to worry
Hmm, hmm, hmm, mmm, hmm, oh
I'm livin' a dream a minute, deep down within it
My life's a flower
I think that I wouldn't change or rearrange
A single hour
Everything's fine now; it's got to be
Easy rollin'
Don't you worry at all; don't you worry no more
Don't have to hurry home, keep it easy

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