Tell you a story
May seem hard to believin' time of the season
All of my glory made me much more aware of the problem we share
If we unite it'll all turn out right
It's wonderful, you can feel it believe me
S'wonderful, everything'll turn out right
S'wonderful, I'm gonna take you with me

Every awareness
Seems to bring us together, storm in the weather
Being enlightened is like choosing the road in which you wish to go
Planting a seedling and watching it grow
Wonderful, you can feel it believe me
Wonderful, everything'll be right
S'wonderful, I think I'm goin', goin'
Goin', goin', goin', goin', goin'

People keep happy
You'll be happier yet for there's help: You forget
When you are happy every place feels like home
'Cause you're never alone
There's much to be said but it's all in your head

S'wonderful, ain't it groovy
S'wonderful, you can feel it believe me
Swonderful, everything'll be right, right, right
I'm gonna take you with me
S'wonderful (it's gonna be right) (bye, bye)
(Gonna ride with my baby)
(Wonderful, wonderful

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