As I walk up a street,
I lift my head up and I face you,
You look good, and you smell sweet,
It makes it harder to embrace you.

And I was back, in primary,
In a playground I would chase you,
But I'm not, I'm just me,
And you might be what I'm looking for, but

My head won't function properly,
And my feet don't move in time,
And next week I'll forget probably,
But today will blow my mind.

And as we talk, I go all red,
And I'm feeling like a schoolkid,
All these thoughts that fill my head,
I bet I'll say something stupid.

Just play it cool, and keep it calm,
And remember what your papa said, now,
Boy, just use your charm,
But all that good advice gets lost somewhere, 'cause

My mouth just won't work right today,
All my head is full with lines,
If only I could find the words to say,
We could spend a lifetime.

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