I've been knocking around, a long long time on my own
But I never found, much more than whispers and moans
And then pow my heart started drumming
Knocked out, I never saw it coming

I took off fast, coulda swore the light was green
But when I jumped on the gas
Found out I wasn't on a two way street
I see your sign it says take it slow
Can't stop, no brakes, I'm on a roll
I'll do whatever it takes

I'm in Pursuit Of Happiness
I want you, I won't settle for less
I'm in Pursuit of Happiness
I want the truth, as long as you say yes

Don't wanna scare you away
I guess I'm coming on a little strong
So I'll be cool and wait
I know you'll come around before too long

I see your sign it says take it slow
It's o.k., take your time
But someday, I know you're gonna be mine

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