She never really had the chances
That some of the kids she saw showed her
She was rarely asked to dances
Or just afternoon at the pictures in the back row
She thought she had all the answers
Decided to go her own way
Alone in her room on a Friday night
Saw her face in a broken mirror

So black and blue life knocks you about
Black and Blue
So black and blue
Life knocks you about

Black and blue

Feeling so angry
All the minutes tick by
Stuck in one room
Just living a lie
Just another person
To sit in that chair
Someone to talk to
Show that they care

So Black and Blue........

Speaking on the telephone
To her friends she thought she knew so well
But they don't want to know you
When you're down and angry, no gossip to tell
Empty words lying on the table
Same response, just run out of fags
Start rolling up the dog ends
Sit waiting for someone to come round
Sit waiting for someone to come round

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