I hear an urgent message
From a panicking voice
Start moving your feet
Get out into the street
There's been a bombscare

An unattended bag in the corridor
Looking innocent
But we're all unsure
There's been a bombscare

If this is a joke it's not funny to me
My heart clocks the seconds and my shoes are loose
Is someone out to get me
Or is someone making headlines for the 9 o'clock news


Girl in the office
Shoppers down in the street
Do you care, do I care
Now we're living in fear
There's been a bombscare

The unattending hand
Plays a bitter game
A faceless choice
Kill or maim
This is a bombscare

Whoever you are now you've gone too far
You're not fighting for them, you're not fighting for me
Shatter glass, shut us up, cut us up brick it up, break it down
Your good reasons mean nothing to me
Now you're scared

Automatic printout brings the numbers and news
Telephones are calling, but the lines are dead
Is it the IRA or the SAS
All you can do is stand and guess

Right in the east
And down in the west
People them a wonder
A who a the best
Lord, cho, let me tell you is a
For dis ya world is a bombscare

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