Paint you a picture
Of how it can be
But I'm not sure we'd all agree
Such a strange mixture
Of uncertainty
I'm wondering now what it means to me
I can't let go
Of what I see
How you changed your history
The party's over
For you and me .........Goodbye
Cruel Britannia x3

The bed was so rosy
The talk was all cheap
Life was so cosy that first week
All fun and sushi
Dressed up so sweet
Catching a dose of reality
So lets pretend
To trip on Zen
On your bike
Once again
You can't deny
It's all a lie.........Goodbye
Cruel Britannia x3

Feeling so low
But I can't let go
Goodbye love
Goodbye happiness

The smell of the street
Is funkier now
Better watch out it may explode
The people you meet
Are feeling their power
Want to get back some life control

Can't cut loose
From what I know
Got no choice
Can't sink that low
I may get bruised
But what the hell........goodbye
Cruel Britannia.......

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