They came on a moonless night with torches and crosses
With a promise of pain and words of salvation
They killed my family without a reason
Their blood on the floor, their fire on the walls
I ran for my life through the ice and snow
The rain of my face, the moon watching higher
The forest did clear, two wolves appeared
They lead me in the woods, three shades in the night
I'm witch
I tattoo my tale on the skin of the world
I'm witch
Embroider my spells on the velvet of the night
I trace sign in the dust, i carve ruins inside my flesh
I slip beetween life and death, as a goddess of vengeance
They'll fall down one by one like dead leaves that fade away
Better keep your hands tight and pray your lord of mercy
I'm witch
The screams in my dreams will feed my revenge
I'm witch
No one will survive, they'll pay for what they've done
I'll gaze their eyes full of fear i'll dance on their graves
Their pain and their sorrow will come back for three times
So spoke the witch, so spoke the gods
Forgive your enemies but never forget their names

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