With every word that we have never shared
Breath of despair
With every glance of you
I feel blessed
With all the things that we do share in life
I feel your pain
Hating to see your harm
It makles me bleed

In the sands of time i see you disapear
All the clocks on the wall they scream your name
As i offer you my saving hands of trust
Hold on hope

All these tears are the price that you pay
For the anguis stung in your heart
Everytime that you've
Tried to love me
Tried to hate me
Yet we fell apart

To save yourself from your own lethargy
No sea to deep
Just take a heart, fight back
Rise to live

There is no difference between you and me
We are the same
You need a saving hand
Reach for it
These days are over
We are over
Over this

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