Inside my prison cell looking back at my life
My bones they feel so cold
While all the blood is drying out in my veins

These walls are closing in
My chains they are unseen
My heart is covered with scars of betrayal
Hopeless how can I live when I'm already dead
Scared of being alone can't reach the surface
I will drown again
I'm breathing the last breath
I'm taking the last step to the edge
My days are numbered
My time has come

I'm running out of time
In these days I will retrace my memories
I'm griefing again
Until the end I cannot hide
All the things that drag me closer to the edge
There I only one more step to go
I am a lifeless shell
Hours pass like days
My flesh is growing old
Through all the years I've seen my world disappear

Trapped in a cage of unrest
There's no redeem
Prisoned and isolated
Silenced my screams

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