And endless crowds of people, they walk upon this stone
Where will their memory go, where did their minds come from?
And I was only a child when I first looked into your eyes
And saw your body rise up over the ocean

We saw the golden boy bleed love onto the sand like rain
While we were injecting colors into our open veins
And deep beneath the water, the dead black silence crawled far away across the ocean

The golden boy is swallowed by the sea
And love is sometimes violent, and violence has no constraint
And I can see inside you, Yes, I can feel what you think
And with this knife of silver I will release your soul

And throw it out into the ocean, nine million miles in a straight line
In a place just like this, in a ship on the water, where no dimensions exist
My hands are hitting your picture, and the image, it shifts
I tear it up and scatter it over the ocean, the golden boy that was swallowed by the sea.

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