All my hopes and dreams are forgotten now
All the apples in barrel are rotten now
Standing on a mountain of misery
Lonliness is my only company

Oh, when are gonna come cindy
When will you be home on bound
I'm in need of you and the love we knew

I thought we were birds of a feather now
And will always be togather now
And were ever i go you will follow me
A lif o f love with you as my destiny

Oh, when you gonna come come home cindy
When will you be home on bound
There an empty space since you left this place
Cindy, my cindy

Come back cindy comeback
Cindy you have made a great mistake
But mistakes were sometimes made to break
Cindy love is made of give and take

Let are move be made for love's sake
Come on home
Cant you see i was made for you, you were made for me!

People tell me i'm not the same now
I only respond to my name now
But no one knows it better than me myself
Without your love i can never be myself
Ohhhhhh, when you gonna come home cindy
Cindy, my cindy

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