Oh baby, we're all alone
Nowhere 2 go, no telephone
Just U and me and this big ole bed
U ain't got nowhere 2 go
U might as well stop being so cool
Honey, baby, break down

Oh baby, take off your clothes
Do it over by the window
Feel the wind blow
That's the atmosphere
Ooh baby, come here

Oh, baby (Oh no no)
Oh, baby

Oh baby, honey, take your time
Cuz when U come, U come and come
That's when I get mine
Until then, I said honey, "Close your eyes"

Oh, oh no
Oh no no
Yeah, oh baby {x2}

Oh baby, baby, don't make me wait
(Don't make me wait) {repeat in BG}
Oh no no, I can't stand it, baby
Don't make me, don't make me wait, girl
Oh no no no, girl

What's it gonna be, baby?
U know I can't wait
Please, please
U know U ain't got nowhere 2 go
We've come this far, come on
Oh, baby

Oh, baby
Break down, baby {x2}
Oh, break down
Break down
Break down, baby
Go on and break it on down
Give me your love!
Give me your mind!
Break down!
Oh baby, break down! {x2}
Oh girl, break down!
Break down! {x2}
Oh no no!
(Oh, baby) Let me do ya please!
Oh girl
Oh, baby {x2}

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