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Why U big, tossed-salad, hairdo-havin'
Long, tall, snaggly gold-toothed
Funkin' habit-formed, leather-wearin'
Beanpole-lookin', black...

Shit! Oh!
Somebody bring me a piece of chicken, oh!

What... what Tricky say?
What Tricky say? Yakety-yak?
Yakety-yak, my ass, motherfucker..., uh!

Oh, gimme some horns, uh!

U can't fuck with that, look out!
We ain't gonna put no more instruments on this
We ain't got time
We don't have ti.. what time is it?
It's time 4 U 2.. it's time 4 U 2 retire, U're old
But wait, wait, wait!

Why U, and U, U
U old, Michelin Man, fat, black... uh!
Break now... yes!

When I look in the mirror
And I see your ugly face
I just wanna run...
In front of...
Wait, gimme some horns!

Now U go... U, U... wait, wait, wait
Let me... wait... U, U, U're just old
That's all I know, U're just old and U're fat
U know it 2, don't U?
U know it, U're just fat and old
Hit me!
Uh! Yes! Yes!
That's right, yes!

Johnny, Johnny! {"Tonight Show" theme}
Don't U wish U could get on TV?
On the 1!

My man say "Johnny, Johnny!" Oh!

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