You say you love me lady
Girl i hope you do
Only you can save me
My life equals you
Kiss me drive me crazy
Would you do that for me lady

(Lady) You say you want my babies
Girl if that's a fact
(Lady)Then melt into me lady
As though we were wax
(Oooooh) Erase all my maybes
Would you do that for me lady

Oh, your body's designed
By the wisdom of time
And i couldn't live without you
Without losing my mind
The answer to the press
And just like fresh air
You keep me alive
You cannot be spared
Don't you ever go nowhere
Ya see I love you lady
Really, really love you girl
And no power, no power baby, can keep us apart
Your engraved in my heart
Do ya hear me pretty lady
Do ya hear me baby (Lady)
I want you to hear every word I say yeah girl (Lady)
That means I love you baby
And that means that I want you baby (Lady)
(skat) (Lady)
And that means that I'm gon' get you baby
Well, well, well, well, don't you know that I love you girl
You kiss me and drive me crazy, yes you do girl
Kiss me, love me, squeeze me, love me
Do anyting that you wanna do (Lady)
But don't you ever, ever, ever, ever go nowhere
Please Idon't want you to go nowhere baby
Ya see I love you girl, can't you see that I'm saying that I need you, gotta have you...

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